The sisterhood.

Join a community like no other.
Love Local has changed community, created heart-driven connectedness and helped to grow business… and you too can be a part of the sisterhood magic.

As a Love Local Fleurieu Member, you will become part of a deeply connected community of passionate women. A community that continues to expand in every way, year after year.
In just a few short years, Love Local Fleurieu has grown into an expansive community of loyal Fleurieu women, connected through a shared love and passion for supporting local businesses and the women behind them.
Since Love Local Fleurieu’s inception in 2014, we have grown a magic and diverse eco-system of women in small business. Each member contributes her own unique mark and incredible value to the community through vital skills, knowledge, services and most importantly – through genuine support and care for those around her. This truly is more than just business networking and business building. It is a sisterhood. 

Each member willing to show up and share her truth in an effort to learn from those around her and grow as an individual and a business owner.
We value community, connection and collaboration over competition and as we continue to open ourselves up to value exchange opportunities, sharing knowledge and support, we continue to grow not only our businesses – but a stronger and more heart driven community.
The Love Local Fleurieu Membership provides our community with the opportunity to pre-purchase tickets for all four Love Local Fleurieu events, and gain access to a huge array of members only experiences [including Sisterhood Heart Based Planning and Monthly Sister Regroup Days], events, forums and special offers from some truly wonderful local businesses.

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Feel a rich sense of connection, support, inspiration and collective elevated wisdom from a tribe of heart-driven women who want to see you expand and grow. 

The Sisterhood is a year long, heart-driven, small group experience for women in business who are dedicated to getting to the heart of what is essential for them, to make 2020 their most heart-driven, peaceful #aligned and expansive years yet, as they go after what it is they REALLY want in business and life.

Limited Opportunity each year to join The Sisterhood. Get your name on the waitlist now. Only 32 spots available in 2020, access opening in November.

From the mouths of
connected women

sister regroup testimonials

"The deep, honest, safe, connection, the space to stop, listen to my heart and get clear on what’s next. Get clear on the actions I need to take and implement in the coming month/s year/s… To remind me to be my authentic self and to follow my dreams. Time, trust in myself, trust in the process; make time, feel supported, spiritual side, save fun, be honest. Claire, I love every single thing"
"I really enjoy everything about these days. They helped me to focus on the things that really mattered to me and let go of the things that didn't. The monthly regroups were a way for me to check into what was and wasn't working for me and a reminder of how fast time was moving and what I was able to achieve in that time. I love taking a moment to really think about and celebrate all that I have achieved. To really feel proud about how far I’ve come personally and in life. I also love seeing and connecting with my Sisters. Thank you, Claire"
"Sister Regroups have been a great space to grow and learn. They remind me to keep coming back into what’s really important to me in business and life. It’s a safe space to show up just as I am but still be held accountable and gently pushed in the direction I want to go"
"Sister Regroup is elastic and fantastic in the way it combines feeling and planning, connection and support, addressing challenges and celebrating success. Sharing the journey over a whole year gives amazing insights, learning and support, and its beautiful to see the growth and expansion of every woman in the group"
"I Love the clarity I get to come in, listen to the challenges and wins, and reset for the month ahead. I love the shared wisdom, I always resonate with each woman’s message and get insights for my own journey by sharing this space. I get inspired action to move towards my VISION of life."
"What I love about Sister Regroups is the connection and support of local women and sisters. The accountability to my vision, the opportunity to connect to self in a held and supported space. Having the opportunity to build joint ventures and share and celebrate wins"
"I love the opportunity to connect on a deeper level – not just a general every day chat, but a more purposeful conversation. I love building trust and friendships in a supportive group of likeminded women."
"Sister Regroup is a space to be open and vulnerable and real; and know that what ever I am going through or feeling, I will be supported, heard and loved. The collective knowledge of this group of women has been so valuable in my personal and business life."
"What I love about Sister Regroups:
-commitment to myself and my biz -connecting how I want to feel, what I value to my vision/dreams
-relationships with other women who “get” where I am at
-Clarity around what to prioritize- which actions will move me forward… close to how I want to feel/what I want my life to look like"
"The time out to reflect on all the good things. Meeting with amazing women – it’s wonderful support. It allows me to re-energize for the month ahead!"
"What I love about Sister Regroups is the connection and support of local women and sisters. The accountability to my vision, the opportunity to connect to self in a held and supported space. Having the opportunity to build joint ventures and share and celebrate wins."
"These days were super special for me this year. Even though I couldn't attend every single one I would have absolutely loved to and it was just bad timing some weeks rather than a reflection of the offering. The formats were fantastic. Something that wasn't explored was rituals & scheduling, I feel like these could form part of your check ins and planning and be really powerful for everyone. I feel like we needed the longer days to get through everything; however, there were just some days when I couldn't get away from my business partners!!!!"