I have one mission – to help you get to the heart of what is essential, to build a business and life you love. So that you can make more money, feel more peace and have more time for the things that matter most.

Tap into the power of your heart, the power of sisterhood and the power of the regroup to build a business and life you love without all the hustle.



If you are being called to work with Claire in any capacity in 2021, and didn't make it into The Sisterhood, click the link below and touch base!

Do you have a business or an idea for an incredible business, but are craving the clarity, structure, inspiration, and next level support system to go after what it is you REALLY want and stay in a sweet-feeling state of continuous heart-alignment, refinement and growth?

I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with women over the last 6 years of running sell-out in-person events, and online programs, that start with:

“Claire…. I have this idea that my heart is pulling me towards, but I don’t have the clarity I need to move forward.”

“Claire… I am good at getting into action, but I very quickly get into overwhelm, taking on too many things and find myself hustling just to keep up.”

“Claire… I love what I am creating, but I so often feel a deep sense of isolation, fear, imposter and WTF am I doing!? Which always throws me into a spin, off-track, and putting the breaks on. I want to feel like I am surrounded by a support crew of women who get it, so that I can really go for it.”

If you are anything like most open-hearted, driven women I connect with, chance are you hate the feelings of misalignment, disconnection, overwhelm, isolation, fear, frustration, stuckness, comparisonitis, having far too many things on your plate… and to make matters worse, every day you are seeing success stories of other women going after what is it they really want, and creating a business and life of their dreams.

You’ve asked yourself, is it really possible for me? Can I create a business and life that I love, and stay connected to the people and things that matter most to me? Or what am I doing wrong?

I bet you’re downloaded loads of free training, been to a bunch of awesome one day workshops, even invested in a few online courses, which often give you boosts of inspiration, but fail to keep you on-track and making heart-aligned progress for the long road. So the feeling of genuine progress, and getting closer to the business and life that you REALLY want is fleeting.

I know that you have a vision that you want to bring to life. But to date, it’s been costing you, big time.

Your sanity and priorities are often in question, as you try to juggle ALL THE THINGS.
You are constantly torn between presence and connection with the people you love the most, and going for the hustle so you can make an IMPACT and bring in the money.

Your nervous system is taking the hit, you are constantly getting into overwhelm, fear, stress, worry… forever wondering if it is actually possible to create this business and life, your way… and in a way that FEELS GOOD.

I bet you even get so overwhelmed that sometimes you just want to pack it all in, and say “F*ck-it, I give up!”.

Let’s be real. This isn’t just impacting you, it’s impacting your family and most precious relationships too. Because the more time you spend feeling all the discomforts of being out of alignment with your heart, be it in constant efforting and hustle, driven by fear and lack, or a spinning in overwhelm taking on too many things, not getting any closer to where you really want to be, running and efforting every single day…. The more precious moments you miss that you’ll never get back!

Those feelings of frustration, unfulfilment and contraction, are being felt by everyone around you… and are impacting the very energy you need to clearly move towards more of what you love and less of what you don’t love.

Deep within you, you know and trust that there IS A WAY. That it must be possible to feel a greater sense of peace, ease, joy, alignment, flow and expansion as you intentionally create.

That you wouldn’t have this desire in your heart, if it wasn’t possible to go after it and bring it into reality.
That if you could just have a heart-aligned support system and support crew to help you get there, stay there and feel constantly inspired and #supported, you could really make this work – for you.

I get it, sister. I know what it feels like to be doing life and work in a way that doesn’t feel in alignment with my heart. And I absolutely know the feelings of overwhelm, fear and isolation… I’ve had my share of "f*ck it this is too hard, I’m done" moments.

Trust me, when I first started my business, and was creating events to bring heart-driven business women together I felt the fear, overwhelm, and not good enough-ness BIG TIME.

But my heart wouldn’t let me give this up.

Because, I was driven to KNOW, for myself, for my children, and for all the women I was supporting… THAT IT IS POSSIBLE to follow my heart, to build trust in myself, to go after what it is I REALLY wanted, to create a business and life that felt good FOR me, to make good money, and enable me to stay more present and connected to what matters most to me.

I am here to tell you that *hand-on-heart* it IS POSSIBLE.



You can let go of constant overwhelm, and open to heart-aligned CLARITY.

You can bust out of the constant efforting and hustle mentality, and open to a more sustainable, doable, peaceful and joyful way of doing business and life. You can forget ever feeling isolated and in-this-alone again, and open to a next level support crew of heart-driven sisters, who want to hear you, support you, inspire you, and see you grow.

So that… you can follow your heart, go after what you really want in business and life, make more money and have time for yourself, your family, your most precious relationships and the things that matter most – to you!​


You can follow your heart, go after and grow a business and life you really want; tap into the priceless ever elevating wisdom and support of other heart-driven women, and have time for the things that matter most to you. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in The Sisterhood 2021.


The Sisterhood 2021 is an in-person, year-long program, community and support system designed for women in business, or women busting to follow their heart and create a business and life they love, who are ready to go for it, get into heart-aligned action, be in consistent progress and refinement, to close the gap from where she is, to where she REALLY wants to be, without giving up her precious time, energy or the things that matter most to her.

Using my signature framework of: heart wisdom + strategy + the power of regroups + the power of sisterhood, we will get clear on your vision and what matters most to you in your business and life, we will get to the heart of what is essential for you and give you a framework and support system so you know with certainty what to give you need to be focusing on and what you want to give your precious time and energy to, so that you can grow more, hustle way less, feel a greater more empowered sense of peace and alignment with your heart, and feel connected to and supported by a remarkable community of driven women, whose collective energy can’t help but inspire you and raise your frequency, to open you to greater action, alignment, growth, expansion, and unquestionably continuous improvement.



Successful heart-centered business owner know that there are key elements that will support and drive the creation of a business and life that feels freaking good for you AKA aligned with your heart.

The problem: so often we get shiny object syndrome, we get into overwhelm, self-doubt and fear, we get to a place where we are just keeping our heads above water, and madly swimming below the surface just to keep up, we get into next big idea mode so that we don’t have to follow through on our priorities, we have no real clarity on WTF our priorities even are… and from this place we start putting our focus on all the wrong things – our precious time and energy is going down the drain, as we get freaking BUSY, doing, doing, doing, but not really doing the things that create powerful change in our life, that are not in alignment for us and the vision and values that we hold, that keep us in pretty constant freak-out, this is TOO MUCH mode, stuck or spinning our wheels, as we keep wishing, waiting… god forbid… COMPARING!

The Sisterhood gives you a supportive framework that allows you to truly connect to your truth on a regular and consistent basis (we are ever evolving humans, remember!), to clearly create from your heart, to vision aligned with your heart and values, and to create layers of inspiration, support, structure and accountability to help you align and stay aligned with your heart, to get into and stay in empowered heart aligned and magnetic action, to consistently come back IN, to regroup, refine and fortify, and be in a place of continuous heart aligned progress.

To put it very simply – this sisterhood framework will ensure that you make significant progress in your business and life, you will do more of the things that you REALLY want to do, get way closer to what it is your REALLY WANT TO BE, DO, HAVE, and ensure that you do less of the things that really don’t matter to you and your expansion. Think: less fucking around, less hustle, less overwhelm, less wondering about whether you are doing the right thing, or worrying about that anyone else if thinking, and far more clarity, more progress, more peace, more trust in your heart and your SELF, more space to B R E A T H E and enjoy the experiences of your business and life NOW, and definitely more growth.

Heart intelligence, strategy, regrouping and sisterhood are POWERFUL in and of themselves… when you bring them together, they WILL change the experiences and outcomes of your business and life.

Because we get just once chance at this life, as we are, so why the hell not follow your heart, go after what it is you really want and create a business and life that feels the goods, changes the way you move through the world.

If it’s possible for me, and it’s possible for them, it is absolutely possible for you.

You just need the right framework of heart coherence + strategy + regroups + a powerful sister lovin’ support crew.

And you need to decide. How much you really want it?
We are about to STEP INTO 2021 SISTERS! This is no joke. The start of a powerful new decade. THIS IS THE TIME TO GO FOR IT.

You don’t want to let another year slip past you, wondering if it might be possible for you. You don’t want to find yourself, this time next year, STILL doing the same things, NOT having made decent progress towards the life and business that you REALLY want.

You can be sure as hell, certain, that time is going to pass you by anyway, another year older, another year frustrated, another year wishing, wondering, watching from the sidelines…

NOT YOU. You are going to open your heart and go for it.


Create more time and space in your life.

Wake up each day knowing exactly what to focus on to make progress in your business and life. Say hello to more peace and goodbye to constant overwhelm and hustle. When you get connected to your heart and what matters most to you, you will create a clear and supportive system of doing the work and holding honouring boundaries that works for you.

Tap into a proven framework & have the clarity and momentum to move towards what you really want.

Own, love and intentionally work toward your vision, know that it is aligned with your heart and what matters most to YOU. Have your own Heart Based Plan, and take part in powerful monthly in-person sister regroup day, that will support, inspire and elevate in more ways than you could imagine. Walk away each month with a full and inspired heart and a heart-driven action plan, with clarity on what steps to take to create powerful heart-aligned change and growth in your business and life.


Get next level in-person inspiration, support and accountability.


Get next level in-person inspiration, support and accountability.

Exclusive access to monthly in-person sister regroup days, where we will tap into your heart and the collective wisdom and energy of a remarkable community of driven women, create layers of support, accountability, inspiration and MOMENTUM! Sister Regroups days are getting super charged! We will be featuring guest facilitators to help bring us all IN and right to the heart of it on regroup days. This will not only be a space to find your heart-driven clarity and action plan, it will be a space to share ideas, ask questions, seek feedback, take part in hot seat mentoring time, and most importantly build relationships with open-hearted women that will change your business and life.


Heart Based Planning

A powerful and clarifying in-person mentoring and strategy day to kick of the year with your sisters. Get right to the heart of what is essential for you, clarify your vision for 2021, clarify how you want to feel, the values that become your foundation for being, and own what really matters most to you. Set powerful heart-aligned intention for the year, and walk away with your very own Heart Based Plan.

Strategy – Monthly Sister Regroup Days

Join a dedicated group of driven women, who will become your sisters and your biggest support crew. Show up for one empowering day a month – to regroup.

Connect to your vision, get to the heart of what is essential for you, identify what is working well for you, and what is not working so well, get super clear about how you want to move forward, and set powerful heart aligned intentions and action steps for the month ahead.

These deeply loved regroup days will help you to connect to your heart, build trust in yourself, bring you back into alignment, so you can access a clearer, stronger and more empowered way of being in business and life. They will highlight your wins and lessons, and help you to get back on track and feel energy and momentum behind you to keep going.

You will know exactly what you are going to give your precious time and energy to, so you can get into heart-aligned action for the month, be in a state of continuous refinement, growth and expansion.

Heart Coherence

Get connected and tap into the wisdom, power and intuitive guidance of your heart, and the collective hearts and intelligence of this sisterhood.

Build inner strength and trust in yourself, so that you can confidently make decisions in your business and life, from a place that feels right FOR YOU. Fortify your future possibilities, in previous stuck or overwhelmed, or self-doubting, fear of judgement scenarios, and step into a space of feeling clearer, stronger and able to take heart aligned action and embed real change in the way your approach your business and life.

Community – your sisterhood

Let’s be real, there is NOTHING that can replace to impact of connecting and sharing experiences with people in-person. Inside The Sisterhood 2021 you will get access to me, the guest facilitators and a freaking remarkable community of women.

Feel a rich sense of connection, support and inspiration from a tribe of open-hearted women, who want to see you grow and expand. Create unique opportunities for collaboration and tap into resources, skills and next level wisdom that are within and around you. Develop rich and rewarding relationships that will hold you, hear you, love you and help you to grow, evolve and go after what you really want.

Support - In-person mentoring and strategy

Every month you will get up close and personal with me, the guest facilitators and the sisterhood. We will be all about open-hearted sharing, support, strategy, inspiration, learning, and feedback. 

Accountability – the check-ins and support you need to get real, and keep you nudging your edges to expansion.

You will be paired with an action taking, heart driven accountability sister for the whole year. You will be asked to show up, share your results and lessons each month and invited to connect with your accountability sister fortnightly.

ALL OF THIS, is game changing next level inspiration, motivation and heart-aligned strategy and support to really help you GO FOR IT.


The Sisterhood

$ 3500 Payment plans available
  • Heart Based Planning
  • Strategy – Monthly Sister Regroup Days
  • Heart Coherence
  • Community – your sisterhood
  • Support - In-person mentoring and strategy
  • Accountability – the check-ins and support you need to get real, and keep you nudging your edges to expansion
  • Live event opportunities- priority access to The Project Retreats 2021
limited places

I’ve helped so many women connect to the heart, go after what they really want to grow a business and make progress in life that feels good for them, and now it’s your turn!

Let’s all acknowledge that everything in life is about priorities, and it’s time for you to decide what your priorities are, and how important it is for you to follow your heart and grow in your business and life in a supported and expansive way.

THIS is not for everyone.

I am promising you a year of heart aligned connection, growth and expansion in your business and life, but you have to be backing yourself with some skin in the game too.

You have to show up, for yourself, and for your sisters.
You have to commit to doing the work you say you are going to do, so that you can make genuine heart aligned progress.

You have to be willing and open to taking care of yourself in the spaces in between, hold strong honouring boundaries, and be prepared to let go of excuses and old stories that are holding you back.




I know, I know, it can feel scary as hell making an investment in money and time… So here is the deal I am making with you right now…

To show you how committed I am to the value and power of The Sisterhood 2021 if it turns out that you don’t feel a deep sense of sisterhood support and inspiration to connect to your heart and go after what is it you really want, I will give you your money back.

But full disclosure, there is a catch.

You have to have shown up for yourself and for your sisters, and you have to show me evidence that you have done the work.

Because… nothing will work for you, if you make excuses, stay hidden, wrapped up in the safety of your excuses and do nothing…

However, if you are committed to showing up and doing the work, then this guarantee is perfect for you!

Connect with me in person before 1 April 2021 to let me know, and show me evidence of you showing up for yourself, your sisters and the work you have done, and I will refund your investment.

You and me, we have got this sister. I am committed to helping you to rise up, deeply value yourself and go after what it is you really want.


Ok, if you are like some people reading this, you may be thinking “I want to join The Sisterhood 2021, but I can’t afford it.”

The very fact that you landed here means that in your heart, YOU KNOW YOU NEED a support system like The Sisterhood to help you get to the heart of what is essential, be in a state of continuous progress and refinement, to build a business and life you love. So that you can make more money, feel more peace and have more time for the things that matter most.

Here is the truth…

You have to ask yourself one vital question that will determine your success.

“Am I going to be 100% responsible for the success and alignment of my heart-driven business and life or am I not?”

This is entirely up to you, to choose to make this happen, FOR YOU.

So with this kind of powerful self-responsibility, the question changes from “How can I afford this time and money?” to…

“How do I be 100% responsible and make this happen?”

Because I want the heart-driven clarity, I want the sister support system, I want to make genuine progress in my business and life, and I don’t want to risk going it alone, flailing, spinning, letting fear hold me back, not making progress towards the things that matter the most to me.

If you are ready to take personal responsibility for where you are and where you TRULY want to be, to finally listen to your heart, and take action to make your dreams a reality, then #gorforit and get yourself enrolled in The Sisterhood 2021…

Don’t let another year pass you by, wondering if it is possible for you.

Access to The Sisterhood 2021, is only open until Friday 11th of December 2020 (or when SOLD-OUT, whichever happens first).

After that, it will be another YEAR until you have the chance to join again.

You’ll miss out on the chance to make powerful, heart-aligned changes to the way you move through the world, and create meaningful progress in your business and life.


The Sisterhood

$ 3500 Payment plans available
  • Heart Based Planning
  • Strategy – Monthly Sister Regroup Days
  • Heart Coherence
  • Community – your sisterhood
  • Support - In-person mentoring and strategy
  • Accountability – the check-ins and support you need to get real, and keep you nudging your edges to expansion
  • Live event opportunities - priority access to The Project Retreats 2021
limited places