Heart intelligence, strategy, regrouping and sisterhood are POWERFUL in and of themselves… when you bring them together, they WILL change the experiences and outcomes of your business and life.

Because we get just one chance at this life, as we are, so why the hell not follow your heart, go after what hit is you really want and create a business and life that feels the goods, and changes the way you move through the world.

I have one mission – to help you get to the heart of what is essential, to build a business and life you love. So that you can make more money, feel more peace and have more time for the things that matter most.

Do you have a business or an idea for an incredible business, but are craving the clarity, structure, inspiration, and next level support system to go after what it is you REALLY want and stay in a sweet-feeling state of continuous heart-alignment, refinement and growth?

Working with me 1:1, in The Sisterhood, or joining The Sister Retreat will leave you feeling clear, aligned with your heart and inspired to go after what it is you really want, in a way that is doable, sustainable and empowered.


Heart Based Planning

1:1 Private Mentoring Heart Based Planning + The Regroups

One-on-one private mentoring with Claire Byrt. Get to the heart of what it is you want to create in your business and life, clarify your vision, goals, and the support systems and structure that are going to help you get there, so you can get into heart-driven action, and grow a sustainable business and life, aligned with what matters most to you.

Be supported through a powerful regroup and reflection process, where you build deep trust in yourself, get to the heart of what is working for you, what is not working for you, where to give your precious time and energy, what to focus on going forward, what to let go of, so you can set clear, powerful and aligned intentions to move forward, get back on track and back into heart-driven expansion.

The Sisterhood

Don’t let another year pass you by, wondering if it is possible for you.

Access to The Sisterhood opens once a year.

The Sisterhood 2020 is an in-person, year-long program, community and support system designed for women in business, or women busting to follow their heart and create a business and life they love, who are ready to go for it, get into heart-aligned action, be in consistent progress and refinement, to close the gap from where she is, to where she REALLY wants to be, without giving up her precious time, energy or the things that matter most to her.


Sister Retreat

The Sister Retreat SELL OUT every year. We can’t wait to share this sister weekend with you.

A weekend to connect with self, with sisters, and open yourself to expansion.

A weekend to fortify connections and forge next level relationships with women who will support you and help you elevate.

A weekend to go deep, identify and move through parts of you that want clearing and healing, and open yourself up to receive, to uplevel, to expand.

A weekend that can change your frequency, and help you to step into a new way of being in the world.

From the hearts of connected women

heart bASED PLANNING testimonials.

"I know what I want my life to look like, to feel like, but I don’t always have the steps to get there. 1:1‘s and regroup provide the clarity and direction to help me fulfill my dreams, and to empower me to live in my purpose. A whole-hearted guidebook to my life. I feel like I can start again. It’s a reset."
Project Work Life - Kirstie
"Clarity and expansion are what I love most about Heart Based Planning and Regroup Days. It feels uncomfortable at the start, because you are pushing edges towards where you want to go, but there’s excuses why its not happening. With support and practical planning, and using Claire’s method of “moving towards” what you want to feel – while holding my vision – it’s like magically you make the decision to BE with the discomfort, AND move through it … and then it becomes fun, and feels easy and doable."
Project Work Life - Nikki O
"I love the opportunity to stop, listen, hear. Stopping to feel where I’m at listening to the voice within. Hear all that is available for me when these come together & flow. Claire you are pure genius, extracting the beautiful essences we all hold within, and brining that to life on so many levels. Being brave as a collective to shar our lights and know we are all supported."
"I love that Claire has the skill and compassion to connect head and heart in her planning sessions. I love how you can turn a mess of ideas, words, plans, dreams and fears into a simple step by step plan for me to follow to build my business. I love how you believe in me and what I do, enough to help me make it real. I love how you can see the light in each one of us and patiently, heartfully remove what is in its way, so we can see it too."
"Thank goodness for Claire helping me sort my business and life out."
Project Work Life - Libby