The Project Work Life vision is to support the personal growth of women in business by providing a platform that helps them to stay connected to what matters most, all whilst building community.

We curate events and experiences for women to connect with themselves and each other – through their heart, values and vision. These events and experiences inspire growth and facilitate the changes needed to shift into, and sustain heart aligned action. We are driven to create layers of inspiration, strategy and accountability to support women in business and in life.

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From the hearts of connected women

event Testimonials

"I feel like Love Local Fleurieu was divine intervention; like it truly changed the course of my life. At a time when I was feeling a little unsure,(new Mama, having just moved back to the area after years overseas, bit of a hiatus from teaching) through being asked some really key thought provoking questions and speaking out loud to real life local women in business what I was truly passionate about, I was able to get super clear about how to move forward. I felt like I connected with a group of women who really understood and supported me; who genuinely wanted to see me thrive doing the thing that I love to do! I am ever grateful for being connected to such an open hearted, intelligent, loving, kind, successful group of local women. That initial burst of confidence and subsequent momentum that set me back on my divine trajectory came through the clarity and connection I found at LLF. Thanks Claireeeeey, ever grateful for you babe."
Project Work Life Testimonial - Kristen
"I'm not even sure where to start with how much I've gained from PWL and Love Local Fleurieu! Community, collaboration and friends, to start. I loved the community so much that I moved further south to be nearer to this amazing network of women. It's like nothing I've ever experienced. The wealth of knowledge support within the group is top notch. I've got plenty of resources within the group. I joined the membership in 2018 and the clarity, accountability and direction I've gained have moved my whole life in the direction I've been wanting for years. Claire has created this heart based community from HER heart and it's apparent. Her heart is in all her work and it weaves together our collective heart. If you're looking for support and sisterhood combined with grounded business sense, come with an open heart and you'll be welcomed"
Project work Life Testimonial - Kristen (1)
"Claire's expertise and passion will open your heart and boost your business to the next level. Project Work Life started as the dream of one woman and, in a few short years, has grown into an incredible reality for many, many women, including me. Work and play from your heart - get involved. You will never look back"
Project Work Life Testimonial - Michele
"I enjoyed the variety of events this year from quarterly LLF events, Rise sessions and Super Schools.

Meeting new local faces and making business connections has certainly made my life and business more abundant!!"
“Woah, I have never been to an event like it. It was the kind of session that made my hairs stand on their ends. I felt goosebumps all over. The women were so honest, and for the first time, I felt a true sense of community. I wasn’t alone”
"My involvement with Claire and Project Work Life has enabled me to build connections with like minded women and spend time in a supportive environment where anything could be put on the table. Our regroup days were phenomenal"
"Being part of the Sisterhood has definitely grown my sense of community - I know so many more people in the community since I joined. My business is also being impacted for the better through exposure to local businesses that help me in areas I need and also businesses that need my help"
"When things are confusing and I'm seeing things foggy, someone in the LLF community always manages to help me see clearly again, or look from another angle. The support and friendships that come from LLF are like no other, and it's a community I hope to spend more time with"