About Claire.


Oh hey there!

I’m Claire Byrt, the heart-driven business strategist and mentor behind Project Work Life. Empowering women to clarify what matters most and go after what they want in business and life.

The founder of Project Work Life, and creator of Love Local Fleurieu, Rise, Super School, The Sister Retreat, Masterclass and The Sisterhood, I happen to know a thing or two about mixing heart intelligence + strategy + the power of the regroup to help women connect with their hearts, build trust in their own wisdom, get clearer and stronger on the daily, and move into a state of continuous refinement and expansion.

With over a decade of experience in Human Resource Management, and years playing the hospitality game, I freaking love creating systems, frameworks, experiences and opportunities that connect, support and inspire women to clarify their vision, get aligned with their heart and their values, and get into purposeful and powerful action, to create the business and life that their heart is pulling them towards…and craving NOW.

Hooked on personal and business development for years, I *hand-on-heart* believe in the interconnectedness of everything, that there is time for striving and time for surrender, that *doing the work* has more than one meaning, and that success doesn’t just come from hard work and efforting… that there is power in creating time and space in between all the intentional doing, to bring in more of the good feels, personal clarity, insights and inspiration.

Project Work Life Claire Byrt
Forever a student, I am so open to learning from other people’s talents and expertise… AND I know that I can take it all on board, and then get to the heart of what is essential for me, in any moment, or any day.

And I want the same for you… a deep connection to your own heart’s wisdom and a deep knowing of what is essential for you, and the expansion of your business and life, as you are supported to take heart-driven action to close the gap from where you are and where you want to be, while experiencing a deep love and appreciation for where you are right now.When I am not mentoring women to do more of the things they love, less of the things they don’t love, and stepping into an expanded version of themselves, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be off doing something that I LOVE… because I know that how we feel matters, BIG TIME, to the success of pretty much EVERYTHING.

Obsessed with following my heart, taking action in alignment with my values and going for the high vibe feels, you’ll find me living the good life now… which on most weeks looks like bestie beach walks, salt baths with good books, yoga and coffee dates with my faves, playing Uno or reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson with my mini’s Laila and Eddie, bubbles + hot chips on any given day that there is something to celebrate (I’ll find any excuse) and listening to Lenny Kravitz #letloverule

Hand-on-heart, I want to help you get to the heart of what matters most to you, create layers of support, inspiration and accountability, so you can grow in business and life and go after what it is your REALLY want.

For reals x