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Are you ready to get to the heart of what is essential for YOU, to build a business and life you LOVE. So that you can make more money and have more time for the things that matter MOST?

Are you ready to connect to your heart intelligence, so that you trust yourself over any external influence, create a sustainable way of doing business and life that feels freaking awesome as you do more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t love, and build a next-level support crew to help you grow and expand?

Join me, Claire Byrt, Heart-driven Business Strategist & Mentor + Team Project Work Life for events, experiences and opportunities that will help you to create powerful change in your business + life, while staying connected to what matters most.

About The Sisterhood.

If you are craving a deep sense of heart-driven CLARITY, PURPOSE and SISTER-SUPPORT as you intentionally move through the year, making powerful heart-aligned progress in your business and life, and being in a powerful state of continuous improvement, and refinement along the way… then get ready to join The Sisterhood 2021.

2021 is going to be A CRACKER of a year, all round, it is the beginning of a brand new decade sisters!! It’s time to step up, follow your heart and REALLY go after what it is you want.

So if you know deep within you that you are ready to lead a heart driven business and life, ready to feel a greater sense of purpose + peace, ready to kick goals + have more time for the people to things that matter most to you, ready to trust yourself + back yourself more while you go after what it is you REALLY want, then this powerful IN-PERSON year long, small group experience is FOR YOU.

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About Claire.

Oh hey there!

I’m Claire Byrt, the heart-driven business strategist and mentor behind Project Work Life. Empowering women to clarify what matters most and go after what they want in business and life.


About Claire.

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